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Hospice Care Specialist
End-Of-Life Care
Offering guidance as a Death Midwife and Coach for the patient, loved ones and family members.
Specializing in the Anam Cara philosophy of Hospice Care

Mitch Metzner embodies an awareness of the interrelationship of all life. Offering expertise in hospice care, guidance, coaching, instruction and training. He also lectures internationally and volunteers his services globally.

Mitch Metzner, PhD, MEd,

Dr. Metzner has over thirty years of experience in public health science, clinical and behavioral research, and education. He has extensive experience in acute and long-term care organizations, and has served as president and executive director for profit and nonprofit community development organizations. He also served as Los Angeles Chapter Director and lead trainer for The Twilight Brigade, a national nonprofit hospice training and veteran service organization.

The Anam Cara Philosophy​

Specializing in the non-medical social model for hospice care and the Anam Cara philosophy of caring for the dying, which encompasses psychological, emotional, and spiritual holistic therapies including art and music therapy, meditation, yoga, and experiences in nature.

Planetary & Other Hospice Work

Dr. Metzner has a background in the study of diseases that can cause local epidemic or global pandemic illnesses in many people with difficult symptoms and risk of death. AIDS was the first disease he worked with beginning in 1982, leading him directly into hospice work with all those he served. At that time an AIDS diagnosis was considered a universally fatal disease. He has since researched a number of diseases including HIV, hepatitis C, substance abuse, pandemic influenza, and more recently plant and tree diseases associated with climate collapse.



Mother Teresa’s Hospice, Kalighat Home of the Pure Heart in Calcutta, India – March 2018


Helheim Glacier and Fjord, Greenland – September 2018


2019 Afterlife Awareness Conference


Gratitude, Hope and Perspective with Mitch Metzner, PhD

Dying in Grace, Santa Barbara TV Interview, Nov 2018


Gabriel’s Home Funeral


Wat Pra Baht Nam Phu AIDS Hospice in Thailand, March 2018

Wat Pra Baht Nam Phu: The Buddhist Temple that Cares for AIDS patients With the limited health workforce in the public health care system and the situation of HIV/AIDS that Thailand is facing, Wat Phra Baht Nam Phu has filled the gap as the non-government sector, particularly the religious sector, that could contribute enormously to
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Jim Mills dissertation

A Study Of The Relationship Among Hospice Nurses, Hospital Nurses, And College Students In The Areas Of Death Anxiety, Manifest Anxiety, And Purpose In Life. To view or download, click here.


The Afterlife Conference

I recently presented at the Afterlife Awareness Conference in Portland, Oregon in June 2017. 2017 Afterlife Conference


Mitch Metzner on Anam Cara

Mitch Metzner, PhD on the non-medical social model for hospice care and the Anam Cara philosophy of caring for the dying, which encompasses mind, body, and spirit through holistic therapies such as art and music therapy, meditation, yoga, and experiences in nature.


Mitch is a remarkable person. He is a fellow Topangan and client. Everyone in the office loves him. He is probably like no other person you have ever met, seriously. His commitment to his beliefs, understanding of science, the environment, death and the dying process, society and history is inspirational. He has gone through a lot in his life and continues to be one of the most incredible people I know. He is truly gifted.”  

—Rebecca Goldfarb, Goldfarb & Luuwww.GoldfarbLuu.comwww.expertise.com